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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Asthma is a obstrupshy disease ( stricture) recurring road (canal with symptom clinical in the form of coughing and asphyxia). Some causes are matters of allergen or pollution and activity of abundant bodily or emotion.


- Dry of Kenanga Flower ………….. 3 pcs
(Cananga odorata)
- Water ………………………………….. 200cc

How to :
- Dry kenanga flower poured with boiling water into 200cc water,
- Close it tighly,
- After its cool, filtering the water and drinking at the same time.
- Drinks this ingredient regularly.



Materials :
- Cermai Fruit/Otaheite Gooseberry … 6 seed
(Phyllanthus Acidus)
- Shallot ………………………...….… 2 fangs
- Root Kara ……………………..... ¼ grasps
- Fruit of Longan ………………….. 8 fruits
(Dimocarpus longan)
- Water .......…………………….…. 2 glasses

How To :

-Washing out fruit of Longan
-All materials of its punched.
-Then, braised into 2 water glasses so remains 1 ½ glass.
- After chilling, the water filtered and drinked.

Longan Otaheite Gooseberry
( Euphoria Longana)


Materials :
- Centered of Sunflower ……………. 30-60 grams
(Helianthus annuus L.)
- Ginger …………………….………..….. 15 grams
(Zingiber Officinale)
- Water ………………………………… 500 grams

How to :
- Both material braised into 500cc water so remains 250cc.
- After rather cool, the water in filtering and in drinking.
- Does this therapy regularly.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009


Diabetes symptom is a disease resulted lacking of insulin or insulin which in yielding body to fall short requirement of body. Symptom diabetes inter alia that is many urines, appetite adds many, starving for always, blurry rotation eye and light, ant fingertip, weakens and body and ithcy


Materials: 1.Avocado seed ………………… 1 pcs
2.Water …………………………. 1 glass

How To? :
- Bake Avocado seed out,
- Cut into small size
- Braises it with a glass of water until go to brown
- Get the water only for filtering
- Drink the water


Materials : 1. Leaf fresh Comfrey /knit bone…….. 4 sheet
( Named Komfrey in Indonesia, Symphytum officinale L)
2. Water …………………………………… 4 glasses

How To?
- Braises leaf Comfrey in 4 glasses of water
- Remains 3 glass, then its in drinking 3 times 1 glass each day


Materials : 1. Java Plum seed ……………………...15 seeds
( Named Duwet/ Jamblang in Indonesia, Syzygium cumini)
2. Water…………………………………… 2 glasses

How To? :
- Break in the seeds to smooth
- Braising in 2 glasses of water so remains 1 glass.
- After in filtering, make it becoming 3 parts and drinks 3 times one day each 1/3 glass.
- Repeats every day until your body felt fresh and no drawn again.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

“Foods and Herbs for Libido’ Pump”

Something else, what is your and your couple thought of besides having sex? Surely in your marrow was food, isn’t it? And now, how do you can be enjoy foods beside adding Libido and result which more ' spectacular ' in correlating sex? You can do it.

Following are Foods and Herbs which able to provide ' fuel ' which essential, according to research, to jack up enthusiasm in your sexual and your couple, and more important, increases your Libido !

1. Celery

Possibly this food is not first figure in your mind in the relation with sexual activity. But actually celery is food which fanciful as source of stimulate enthusiasm in sexual because containing androsterone, namely hormone type anti-smell what discharged through sweat gland which able to awaken enthusiasm in woman sexual. raw celery is very delicious to dine.

2. Raw Oyster

Oyster included in faction of food which a sexy food.Oyster has a lot of matter content zinc, which able to boost up produce of sperm and hormone testoterone. Oyster also contains matter dopamine, namely hormone to increase Iibido. You can add juice of fresh lemon above oyster flesh which has been opened its(the cochlea, before starting dines it. When dining with your couple, feels soft sensation, wet and smooth owned by it, which it is of course can become initial sensation of your foreplay.

3. Pineapple

Fruit of pineapple contains bromealine enzyme, what believe can increase man’s Iibido Besides, they also is including food source of potassium and some vitamins B, like riboflavine, which able to increase energy level of all body. You can be each other feed up pineapple, which has been pared it is of course, with your couple, as communications pre sexual activities.

4. Avocado

Aztec tribe calls avocado tree as ahuacatl alias ' tree fruit of penis'. That thing is because of besides form of alligator pear of course looks like vital part of man body, this fruit also has acid content folic which is high, which able to assist metabolism of protein to give energy which more at our body. Avocado also contains vitamin B6 ( nutrition which able to increase product hormone at man) as well as potassium ( what assists regulation of gland thyroid at woman), where two that thing can increase Iibido, both for the man and also woman.

5. Almond Bean ( bean type in general)

Almond Bean is source of oxygen, a real important for fluency of produce of various hormones at man. Besides, aroma from Almond can awaken ' mood ' to be in love for woman. Candle light flame which having Almond’ aroma is also to be able to increase the moody of sex.

6. Mango, Peach and Strawberry

Fruits which have sweet flavour , and sticky ' muccous ' will be able to pamper you and your couple before or at when doing the relation of sexual. Third above mentioned fruits, has form, texture as well as character ' haves water ' which able to give erotic autosuggestion and can give hobby is middle [by] your foreplay. Strip and extorts the fruits, then dripped to whole part of your body and your couple. Be each other lap part of body hit by its(the drop is a game of erotic sex. That thing also able to be exploited as mode you to do ' scanning ' beginning of to your couple body.

7. Egg

Although is not food type which sexy category, but rich egg vitamin B6 would and B5. Both this vitamins assists compensating of hormone production rate as well as reducing stress, two a real thing necessary for Iibido health. Egg is also as a symbol from fertility and life aura . Some people like eating raw egg yolk to increase Iibido as well as getting maximum body energy. All poultry eggs and fish contains vitamin B5 and B6.

8. Liver

Liver is source of glutamine and real good for body impenetrability system, a real action to boost up Iibido slowly. Of course, for some people, this food do not too liked. But if you will try it, you will feel its (the remarkable special quality. Ripe of liver by added [by] shallot slice, mace as well as olive, to make likely more scrumptious.

9. Date

Date Fruit has a real amino height, which also able to increase Iibido. They also be able to add stamina when correlating sexual. Besides, form of fruit of fresh date, the taste is sweet and muccous be two things which able to inspire our sensation.

10. Garlic

It cannot be denied again, eats more Garlic mean must eat more a breath refresher peppermint. But, non that is all important point. Garlic contains allicine which able to increase blood stream to your sex organs, is meaning also gives improvement of Iibido. If its (the aroma is hardly bothers you and your couple, it is of course unnecessary eats it is out of hand, not? You can consume the concentrate of garlic which has been tidy in the form of capsule.

11. Chocolate

For this last food type, of course more mans who is taking a fancy to it. Beside reality that Chocolate is way ' general ' to appeal woman, this food also contains theobromine, alkaloid type, a real looks like matter caffeine. Besides Cacao also contains matter phenylethylamine, chemistry compound having special quality to give taste ' love'. Black cacao Type has content anty-oxydant ' big the numbers, a real good for body health, especially for impenetrability system.
Now, You have known what which your body requires as your stamina supporter and also sensation in having sexual activity . So, be awaiting more than anything else?

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

“Awakens Man’ Libido”

Degradation of enthusiasm in sexual usually often is experienced by the man. Many women who is griping its (the husband losing of enthusiasm to correlate sexual). So, why this happened and how overcoming it?

Usually, sexual problem experienced by man relating to the low of satisfaction got from its (the couple), where as she wish thing more. If this happened and only the woman is tending to wish it, hence this one of label the happening of degradation of Iibido at man. And this very common happened.

One of reason causing change or degradation of level of this Iibido is the happening of change in the next years after husband/wife spouse married, like increasingly the many demands lives in household, economics demand, or demand the role of to be a father at the same time husband who good.

All the burdens it is possible that hardly influences fluctuation of man sexuality.

Other reason was existence of miss conception that only man the always wish or always ready with the relation of sexual whereas woman only follow willingness the man. Though, man also has equality with woman when have been reaching worked hence ambition of its (the sexual will decline).

Tendency of the women if facing case like this is always blames their/his self, assumes itself do not again attractive in the case of sexual or the man has other woman. Best to be done is clarify this situation. Communications is correct one track that no is each other blame. Could probably be started with question of what bothering its(the mind or its(the heart. This thing is important to show sincerity about each feeling.

Most importantly is that degradation of this Iibido must do not relate to be disfunction by erection, but more at problem life is being faced it. So do not having the character of physical. Hence your duty are give support to [him] and unnecessary enlarges upon problem. And You are unnecessary possible forces the relation of the sexual must happened formerly before all problems raveled.

Lost Iibido only one intervals from step the relation of you with couple. In Consequence You need to enjoy one when happy, or condition of situation that makes happy. Also inculcates in yourself that problem fluctuation of this very normal Iibido experienced by all couples. And permanent couple is which able to build communications good to overcoming it.
So, You are unnecessary worried if this really you are natural with couple. Communications similar, be each other honest, and is each other support one another

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

“Keep Your Sex Desire with Herbal..”

There is when certain where husbands or wife feels do not again enthusiastic in sex activities. What’s cause it? And, how overcoming it?
Of course, enthusiasm plays a part is important in normal coitus. Without enthusiasm, it would be insipid coitus. But, why at a period of certain of enthusiasm declines? "There is various reasons. First, physical. This also is influenced some factors, inter alias having the character of natural like age," said family consultant, Dr. Gerard Paat, MPH.
Generally, continuation of Gerard Paat, enthusiasm in sex every body starts declines at the age of 45-50 years. In that age, hormone that is supporting enthusiasm in sex of course declines. Its (the cause can many, including nonsexual problem, like fatness etc. It is not confuse, man who is entering age to start looked to be. "Besides enthusiasm declines, also because ability of its (the erection is also declines," he said. Explained it is also, enthusiasm in man many determined [by] men hormone (testosterone) which will start declines so(after man to step on age 30-an year.


On the other side, enthusiasm in woman sex do not be influenced woman hormone ( estrogen and progesterone), but exactly is influenced men hormone. And hormone having responsibility at enthusiasm in this woman sex exactly non declines when old age woman.

Woman, said Gerard Paat, only had a few testosterones. " Whenever downwards, pittance," he said. So, at woman, lowering of enthusiasm in sex do not so(after apparent. Happened, woman losing of some femininity characters, like beauty fades or menopause, along the increasing of age. Whereas enthusiasm in its(the sex is permanent. " In consequence, if speaks sex atold woman, which proactive exactly woman," express this sexologist consultant.

Other physical cause is disease for example sugar diabetes, coroner heart, or lever. Can also because drugs. Don't know because too much consuming tranquilizer or narcotic. All the things above can become cause lowering of enthusiasm, " Even can cause impotence," accuses Gerard Paat.

Besides physical cause, enthusiasm in sex declines also able to be caused factor nonphsycist or psychological. Communications might possibly among a couple do not go well, so that the relation of they became less amicably and do not again interests one another.

Other cause is person factor, like low feeling appearance of theirselves to couple or assumption one of the couple that sex only simply obligation. Husband might possibly will of to the point, no " warm-up" in advance, so that wife do not feel satisfaction. As a result, sexual for wife only be considered to be an obligation.


That need to be done to overcome lowering of enthusiasm in sex, either at wife and also husband, is know in advance its(the cause. Easiest, if its(the cause had the character of physical, for example because pain. Hence, if enthusiasm in sex declines whereas couple communications to go well, tries going to medical doctor. Unlucky lowering of enthusiasm in the sex because disease. " If its(the cause disease, this disease healed, minimum as a result is lessened," said Gerard Paat.

Much disease which able to cause lowering of enthusiasm in sex. For example, diabetic ( diabetes). " Diabetes of course cannot be healed, but as a result can be lessened. For example, by taking medicine anti diabetes, so that sugar rate in blood controlled and do not cause venous damage or nerve, so that enthusiasm in can defended for a period of certain," explains graduate from FKUI by 1962 is. Example of other disease of which able to cause lowering of enthusiasm in sex is high blood ( hypertension). " But its(the therapy must with drug which do not add sex weakness. The reason is, there is hypertension drug that is exactly lessens erection ability," his(its continuation.

Often happened, medical doctor feels enough experts to handle, for example by giving hormone adder drug. " Though, inspection of hormone only can show the hormone total in blood. He cannot differentiate between free testosterones and non free. Is having influence to enthusiasm in sex is free testosterone which the numbers very few and subjective," light Gerard Paat.

There is man who number of its(the hormones a few, but still having enthusiasm. There is also number of its(the hormones is quite a lot, but enthusiasm in his(its have been no, depended from condition of body influenced by many factors. For example just of descendant factor, gizi, psychological, climate, and health factor in general. Example of the problem of climate, said Gerard Paat, " Cool weather can make people pain, so that erection cannot. So, these all influencing condition of across the board body which able to influence quality of the hormone."

If lowering of enthusiasm is caused [by] disease factor, pertained its(the handling easy to. Do not that way the things of if caused [by] psychological factor. " Frequently concerning psychological cause is person. Possibly decline self regard before couple, possibly stress which its(the there is no connection with marriage, or stress in family," explains this marriage consultant.

If(when this happened, psycologist or marriage adviser is correct address to be visited. Couple which it’s problem, must talk the things felt [by] it, expected it, so that finally finds way out.


* Yoga peace song, darkens lamp, and couple massage oil with aroma awakening enthusiasm like aroma rose, jasmine, or other according to appetite. Soft massage which you or husband gives, will generate vibrations specially can awaken enthusiasm.

* Does Athletics to be just of your body which will feel fresh, but enthusiasm also can increase. Regular athletics, said expert, increases energy. Athletics do not meaning run, jogging, or plays tennis. Treads a measure with couple also, including athletics. Does around 20 minutes. Doesn't forget doing also eye contact so that amicable situation is created.

* Tea with taste peppermint a cup of tea containing peppermint before leaving sleep, believe can increase enthusiasm in husband. Can also as of cacao beverage cup. If this, able to husband and wife.

* Vitamin and supplement mineral. This also to be able to return enthusiasm. Research mentions existence of chain between vitamin A deficiencies, C,E, B- complecs selenium plus and ferrum, with lowering of enthusiasm a man. It all is required husband to produce testosterone.

* My Herbal can High your Sex Activities, Increase Your libido and cure some of sex trouble for the couple.. When? Wait and see my Post for Libido Increasing Machine..

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Monday, November 3, 2008


You are possible a lot still look into sex activity only as one of form of accomplishment of requirement as of eye. Though out of it, sexual simply has having immeasurable benefit which can increase quality of life and health, either from the angle of physical and also psychological.

The experts tells there is many obtainable advantages from regular sex activity and correctness. All this benefit is not simply mere anecdot, but is research result that is supported scientific evidence.

Here and now many mans who trauma about sex. Why? Something trauma because experiencing sexual disfunction also there is caused by disease. Various means done to heal it. I only suggest some healthy ways to overcome difficulty of sex, inter alias:

1. Aware of benefit sex and enjoys it

2. Applies Well guaranted herb drug of its the security and safety.

3. Do healthy life style.


1. Assuages stress

Researcher from Scotland in research publicized by journal Biological Psychology to conclude, one of sexual main benefit for health is reducing blood pressure and assuages stress in general. This conclusion is result of watcher 22 mans and 24 women condition of in situation stress. Sexual activity they noted and result of his (its showing, they doing intimate relationship can overcome better stress compared to which is not making love. In researching into other ness publicized is the same journal mentions that routine sex activity related to pressure diastolic which low.

2. Improves body endurance

Life of good sex can indicate health of good physical also. Does sex once or twice within a week will increase antibody so-called Immunoglobine A or IgA, capable to protect you from flu and or infection.

3. Sex burns calorie

Research massage, sexual activity during 13 minutes can burn around 85 calories is more. Likely number of this is not many. By the way, if you did it is minimum 42 times in one year ( one month thrice) means has burned 3,570 calories, more than enough to reduce 0,5 body weight kg. If You are having sex average of one hours, one body weight kilos could probably be degraded with 21 times for having sex.

¨ Sex is modeling excitement from athletics,¨ comment Patti Britton, PhD, sexologist and President American Society of Sexuality Educators and Therapist.

4. Makes healthy heart and venous

Though there are myth worrying of that energy released when ngeseks can trigger stroke, but the British researchers say the assumption not correctness.

In research publicized by Journal Epidemiologycal and Community Health, the experts lays open that routine sex have no relation with stroke by 914 participants watched during 20 years.

Sexual benefit for heart also doesn't desist there. Researcher also lays open that having sex once or semiweekly can reduce on fatal heart attack risk until 50 % at man, compared to them doing sex less than once in a month.

5. Improves Self Confidence

Increases Self Confidence trust is one of 237 reason of people does sex. this research done by expert from Universitas Texas and publicized in Archives of Sexual Behavior.
6. Improve and repairs intimacy.

Doing sex and orgasm will increase oxytocyn hormone or also is called as love hormone. This hormone can assist couple to build and strengthens tying and trust one another.

Researcher from University of Pittsburgh and University North Carolina evaluates response 59 women premonopause. Participant is calculated [by] its(the hormone rate before and after relating to husband they terminated by embracing each other. Research shows, increasingly often the happening of touch, more and more oxytocin rate height.

¨ Oxytocin rate makes we to feel wish to love and ties,¨ said researcher.

7. Lessens ill taste

When oxytocin hormone in body increases, endorphin also will go up and pain taste will decrease. On that account, if headache taste, arthritis or symptom sindrome your premenstrual can alleviate after correlating sex, that is more because oxytocin hormone effect.

8. Prostate cancer risk compress

Australian Researcher have ever laid open that ejaculation regularly will reduce prostate cancer risk in old man. This research publicized in British Journal of Urology International.

9. Strengthens flank base muscle

To all woman, does flank base muscle practice when correlating is intimate is recognized as movement term Kegel. This movement will give enjoyment for both couples, besides also strengthens part of muscle and depress risk incontinensi in old man.

10. Improve and repairs quality of sleep

According to research, oxytocin discharged during orgasm also can stimulate sleepness. With sleep that is enough, health also would be better because permanent blood tension and body weight of kept

(from many sources…)


Now polypharmacy known as Viagra predominating strong drug market, though Viagra it'self still many questioned by the experts about its (the usefulness and side effects generated)

At next post, I will present a real useful Indonesian Natural Viagra ingredient and relative is more safely for the consumer. Be Awaiting My recipes in the next post.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


1. Receipe 1

Materials :
- Dry Piper …… 6 gram
( Named in Indonesia is Cabe Jawa Piper Retrofractum Vahl )
- Honey ….. 1 tablespoon

How to :
- Dry Piper boxed to be smooth finite
- Drinked with 1 honey spoon
- Does 1 times one day


2. Receipe 2

Materials :
- Root Moringa …… 15 grams
( Named Kelor in Indonesia or Moringa Oleifera )
- Water ……… 2 glass

How to:
- Root of moringa is cleaned by water until cleanness
- Braised with 2 glasses water until becoming 1 glass
- Filtered
- Drinked 2 times one day counted ½ glass


3. Receipe 3

- Leaf of Wild Oregano ….. 30 sheets
( Named Jinten in Indonesia or Coleus Amboinicus Lour )

- Strobilanthes ……. 10 sheets
( Named Keji Beling in Indonesia or Strobilanthes cripus B1 )

- Spreng …… 25 sheets
( Named Lenglengan in Indonesia or Leucas Lavandulifolia Smith

- Green Chiretta / Snake Herb ……… 40 sheets
( Named Sambiloto Indonesia or Andrographis Paniculata Nees

- Chamber Bitter …………. 8 fin
( Named Meniran in Indonesia or Phyllanthus Urinaria

- Palm Sugar ………. 1 ons
- Water ………………. 4 glass

How to:
- All material , except sugar cleaned to be clean finite
- All material cut to be small - small
- Braises with 4 glass water until becoming 2 ¼ glass
- After chilling, filtered its(the water
- Drinked 3 times one day masing - masing ¾ glass




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Monday, October 20, 2008

“Anti Cancer :Nasopharynk, Chorio-Epithelioma and Choriocar-Cinoma”


1. Star Fruit Leaf ...... 1/4 grasps

2. Young Papaya Leaf ....1/2 sheet

3. Young Malay Gooseberry Leaf .....1/4 grasps

4. Red Spinach Leaf.......1/4 grasps

5. Carrot ........ 1 ons

6. Honey .... 1 tablespoon

7. Plain Water ... 1/2 glass

How To?

- All material is washed out cleanly

- Adds 1/2 matured water glasses

- Smooth finite grind

- Filteri All material

- Adds Honey 1 spoon

- Drinks this ingredient 1 times a day counted 1 glass

Malay Gooseberry

Papaya Leaf

Red Spinach Leaf

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

“Cancer Fighter”

The Materials:

1. Cuban Oregano.......50 grams
    ( Keladi Tikus named in Indonesia or Coleus Amboinicus Lour )
2. Honey ............... 1/2 Spoon

How To:

- Put in water for 1 / 2 hours
- wash clean
- flattered to fine
- filter with the filter cloth
- add 1 / 2 spoons of honey
- blend until evenly mixed
- drink the formula three times a day

note: herb must be drunk immediately, not be stored...!!!

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“1st Post”

In the name of Alloh..
This is my blog to dedicate to people on this green world..hehehe
I want to share with all of you how herbal could be the Super Medicine.
This blog contain the Indonesian secret formula, a traditional receipe for cure a lot of pains.
I dig it from many books, litearature, n my parents' notes.
The herbal can be use for safety medicine, to be an alternatif thing to cure your illness.
I'm very glad if you can ask me via email or other media i'll show you later..
It's Free for you
It's free to know all of my herbal Secret..
I hope this blog could usefull for You all

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